Veefil Charger At Byron Bay

News 02/24/2017
  • First fast‐charging electric vehicle station in regional New South Wales to service all cars
  • First local council in Australia to install locally‐produced fast charger – the award‐ winning Veefil by Brisbane‐based Tritium
  • 10th Veefil installed in Australia

Brisbane, Australia 21 February 2017: Byron Shire Council has chosen Australia’s only home‐ designed and manufactured fast charger for electric vehicles (EV), the award‐winning, 50 kW DC Veefil, as regional New South Wales’ first fast‐charging station that can service any electric car.

Located at the Byron Bay Library car park, this is the 10th Veefil fast charger operational in Australia, although Tritium, the Brisbane‐based company that designs and manufactures the unit, acclaimed as the ‘most technologically‐advanced fast charger in its class’, exports the majority of its products globally. Currently Veefil units are being installed on major charging networks and fast‐charging highways in 18 countries.

“We’re very pleased to see the Byron Shire Council supporting the uptake of electric vehicles with this installation of Tritium’s Veefil EV fast charger,” comments Marcelo Salgado, the company’s Sales Manager. “As the first local council in Australia to install one of our chargers, we commend Byron Shire’s progressive approach to e‐mobility and sustainable transport.”

Byron Bay’s 50 kW DC Veefil fast charger will be able to be used by drivers of all electric cars as it supports both CHAdeMO & SAE‐Combo standards. It is around 25 times faster than home charging and can add 50km range to an EV battery charge in just 10 minutes – which would take over six hours using a wall socket.

Tritium Background 

Brisbane‐based Tritium is a specialist designer and manufacturer of fast chargers for electric vehicles (EV), power‐electronic systems and battery energy‐storage applications. Established 15 years ago, it has gained a reputation with the world’s largest organisations and top universities for providing solutions when quality, reliability and performance are critical for success. Its products are operational on every continent around the world and are to be found in submarines, UAVs flying at over 40,000ft and even working in the extremes of Antarctica. In June 2016 the Queensland Government invested AU$2.5m in Tritium ‐ the first company to receive investment under a Business Development Fund scheme established to encourage innovative businesses.

The Veefil® DC Range of Fast Chargers 

In May 2013, Tritium launched an award‐winning, 50 kW DC fast charger for electric vehicles – the Veefil‐RT ‐ which is already recognised internationally as being the most technologically advanced in its class. Tritium is the only Australian company to design and manufacture EV charging stations and its Veefil units are now being installed globally on major charging networks and fast‐charging highways. In October 2016 the company launched three new products, creating a range of Veefil units that give customers increased options to provide a charging service for vehicles that are privately owned and those employed in the business sector:

New Products: Veefil‐UT 50kW DC fast charger; Veefil‐WP 12kW DC fast charger; Veefil‐RT 22kW DC fast charger.

Why Veefil® technology is the most technologically advanced in its class 

The Veefil range comprises the world’s most technologically‐advanced fast charger for all EVs, supporting CHAdeMO & SAE‐Combo standards. All the products share a number of unique features:

  • Liquid‐cooled, functioning in ‐35° C to +50° C (‐31° F to +122° F). This makes Veefil products more robust than other chargers, over a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and corrosive conditions ‐ increasing reliability and reducing maintenance.
  • Veefil products have the smallest footprint and are at least half the weight of most other EV fast chargers, increasing location options and reducing shipping and installation costs.
  • The Veefil‐RT 50kW DC fast charger; Veefil‐WP 12kW DC fast charger and Veefil‐RT 22kW DC fast charger all fit neatly at the end of a standard parking bay within existing infrastructure.
  • Durable UV‐resistant plastic shell construction ensures long‐term stability of the entire enclosure, leading to lower maintenance costs.
  • Attractive design convenient for branding, easy to use – awarded 2014 Good Design Australia Award.