Tritium Signs PSA with Pod Point

Press Release 03/24/2019

Pod Point to deploy Tritium’s world-leading chargers into existing and future network rollouts across the United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom, March 9, 2020 – Tritium, a world leader in electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging technology, has announced it has signed a preferred supplier agreement with Pod Point, one of the United Kingdom’s largest providers of electric vehicle charging solutions whose customers include leading retail chains across the country.

The agreement ensures Tritium’s Veefil-RT 50kW DC rapid charger, renowned for its compact design, ease of use and low maintenance, will be offered to Pod Point’s new and existing customers as part of its continuing nationwide EV charging network rollout.

Pod Point chose Tritium as its preferred DC rapid charger supplier due to the proven reliability of Tritium’s chargers, the ease and speed of installation and their unique design, which enable Pod Point to offer selected customers the ability to add their branding to each charger.

Erik Fairbairn, Pod Point CEO & Founder said: “EV adoption is accelerating rapidly in the UK and we’re making sure the charging infrastructure is in place to sustain the awesome growth trend that we’re seeing.”

“We decided to work with Tritium because their products are reliable, easy to install and have a small physical footprint. We also liked that it’s easy to add custom branding to the units too.”

“DC fast charging is a key part of the UK charger mix, especially for drivers who need to re-charge quickly on long journeys or in emergencies, and for commercial vehicles that can’t top-up charge because they don’t park often.”

Since its inception in 2009, Pod Point has manufactured and sold more than 69,000 charging points across the UK and Norway.

Tritium launched its Veefil-RT 50kW DC rapid charger in 2014 and since then has installed over 4,000 DC chargers, including many Veefil-PK 350kW DC high power chargers, for customers in more than 33 countries.

With the number of chargers that Pod Point requires for its rollouts and the speed at which they can be deployed and installed, Tritium’s Director of Business Development Europe, Jeroen Jonker, says the agreement with Pod Point was a natural fit.

“We have already successfully deployed the first rapid chargers to Pod Point ahead of this agreement; Pod Point values this ease of installation and roll-out speed,” said Jonker. “Pod Point’s clients also appreciate that our charger has the world’s smallest footprint, enabling charger deployment on their parking lots without sacrificing premium real estate.”

The UK Government recently announced its plan to bring forward the deadline for the ban on selling new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars from 2040 to 2035. Tritium’s Country Manager for the UK and Ireland, Kevin Pugh, says the need to rollout public charging infrastructure will now become paramount.

“Electric vehicle interest was already increasing, and when you combine that with the Government’s amended deadline it’s clear we’ll see electric vehicles become the norm sooner rather than later,” said Pugh. “However, not everyone in the UK has access to off-street parking, and as such drivers aren’t always able to recharge at home and overnight. This needs to be addressed with publicly available, reliable and plentiful charging infrastructure, and one of Tritium’s core goals is to make EV charging more convenient than re-fuelling.

“As diesel, petrol and hybrid vehicles are phased out, Pod Point’s rollout will be key to addressing this concern and ensuring drivers can charge whenever they need to. Our chargers can be fitted with contactless credit card readers to facilitate ad hoc payment, an increasingly important requirement in the UK market.”

About Tritium

Tritium is a technology company that designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced DC fast-charging equipment for electric vehicles (EVs). Tritium is committed to supporting their customer’s long-term success with a focus on reliable products, impeccable customer service, technology innovation and rich data analysis. Established in 2001 to provide power-electronic systems and battery energy-storage applications, Tritium became one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies with the launch of its first DC fast charger in 2014.  Since then, Tritium has become a leading global DC fast charging (DCFC) supplier with installations in more than 33 countries. Tritium currently holds around 50 per cent of the most mature EV market in Norway and around 15 per cent of the wider global market for 50kW fast chargers. Tritium customers include Fortum, Grønn Kontakt, IONITY, Circle-K, Shell, EDF, Enel, NKM Mobiliti, Virta, Stromnetz, Nissan, Audi, NRMA, Chargefox, Charge.net.nz and DRIVE ENERGI. Tritium’s global headquarters is in Brisbane, Australia. Regional sales, manufacturing and testing facilities in Amsterdam and Los Angeles ensure attention to key markets in Europe and the Americas.

For more, visit WWW.TRITIUM.COM.AU.

About Pod Point

Pod Point was founded in 2009 by CEO and entrepreneur Erik Fairbairn. Driven by a belief that travel shouldn’t damage the earth, Pod Point has more than 69,000 charge points in the UK and Norway and is an official charge point supplier for major car brands in both countries.

Pod Point’s solutions include everything from smart domestic charge points to 150kW high power rapid chargers and load balancing systems. Along with consumers, it works with a broad range of organisations to offer workplace, residential and commercial charging solutions. Its customers include major retailers, hotels, restaurants and transport hubs.

For more information on Pod Point’s vision for zero-carbon travel visit: