Rob Topol

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Topol became Tritium’s chief financial officer (CFO) in September 2022. He has extensive experience as a corporate leader at Intel, where he served as a finance and manufacturing executive for more than 20 years. Rob drove significant savings in capital investment through supply chain optimization and manufacturing contracts. His most recent role with the company was CFO and Vice President (VP) of Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics, managing revenue, cost, and reporting for graphics and high-performance computing business, including Intel ARC, Xeon HPC, and data center GPU and blockchain products.

Rob also served as Intel’s CFO of Global Supply Chain, Cost, and Inventory, where he managed a multi-billion dollar manufacturing and research and development (R&D) portfolio and led a team of global controllers supporting cost functions at the company. He served as the General Manager of Intel’s 5G wireless and next-generation standards division for four years, creating corporate strategy and helping to build a portfolio of devices, internet of things (IoT) and network infrastructure, and data center and cloud computing solutions. Mr. Topol also served as a Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) board member from 2019-2021.