Commercial electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. They’re clean, efficient, easier to maintain, and cost less to own and operate than gas or diesel-powered trucks and vans. But electrifying your fleet isn’t as simple as placing an order at your local commercial vehicle dealer. Here are some of the barriers to fleet electrification and how you can overcome them. 


Cost is the number-one barrier to fleet electrification. Thankfully, there are many incentive programs to reduce EV purchase prices, and ways to spread purchase costs over time.


Choosing Vehicles

Finding the right commercial EV for your fleet can be overwhelming. But commercial EVs aren’t that different than their gas and diesel-powered counterparts. Here are just a few differences to consider: 

Range Anxiety

Range anxiety can be significant if you’re thinking about electrifying your fleet. But there are ways to ease range anxiety and meet your fleet’s charging needs. 

EV Charging Infrastructure

EV charging infrastructure is expanding at a blistering pace. According to the International Energy Agency, publicly accessible chargers worldwide approached 1.8 million in 2021 and a third of those were DC fast chargers. Still, installing DC fast chargers at your depots or warehouses can help you take control of energy/fueling costs and relieve range anxiety. Here are some tips for building your own charging sites: 

For more guidance on how to build your charging sites, read our article: How to Save When Building an EV Charging Site

Maintenance and Repairs

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than traditional gas or diesel vehicles, leading to lower maintenance costs. But they do require some specialized knowledge and maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your EVs on the road. 

There are many benefits to electrifying your fleet, including lower total cost of ownership, reduced emissions and fuel costs, improved efficiency, increased sustainability, and increased profitability. These are just a few tips to help you get started. For more help electrifying your fleet, talk to one of our fleet EV charging experts today. We can help you find incentives, plan your charging sites, and connect you with other fleet EV industry experts to help you choose the right mix of vehicles to meet your needs.