Lord Ian Botham Visits Tritium

Blog 06/22/2022

Tritium recently had the honour of hosting Sir Ian Botham! The English cricket legend, member of the House of Lords, cricket commentator, and ICC Cricket Hall of Fame member stopped by our Brisbane offices and factory to get an in-person look at Tritium’s DC fast charging technology.

Recently appointed UK Trade Envoy to Australia, Lord Botham is tasked with delivering an ambitious global trade agenda on behalf of the British government. His interest in technology associated with the movement to Net Zero led him to Tritium, where he had a chance to meet with some of the company’s senior leadership to learn about the company’s history, milestones, and upcoming activities.

UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Australia Lord Botham said, “Clean technology is key to making the transition to a greener economy and it’s been fascinating to see Tritium’s work. Electrifying the world’s transport is vital to achieving net zero emissions – and the UK’s ambition to become net zero by 2030 has turbo-charged clean green investment into the UK. Tritium continues to lead the way – and is well placed to make the most of the green industrial revolution.”

Lord Botham’s visit to Tritium included a tour of Tritium’s new, world-class testing facility, interactions with new charging technology in our testing bays, and a tour through our factory. Throughout these visits, the Sir Ian Botham learned about Tritium’s various points of differentiation, including how our fully sealed charger enclosures, liquid cooling, and small footprint help Tritium save customers up to 37% in total cost of ownership over ten years, compared to air cooled systems. Lord Botham also had a chance to check out Tritium’s latest modular technology, like the RTM and PKM, discovering first-hand how we’re developing products which are designed to push the limits of charging technology and achieve the highest reliability, while enabling more cost-effective operations and infrastructure deployment for customers.

It was such a privilege to host Lord Ian Botham at our facilities, and we look forward to hosting him again soon!