EVLOMO and PTT Group Launch First DC Fast Charging Station Under Their Joint Collaboration in Thailand

News, Press Release 04/12/2021

[BANGKOK, April 12, 2021] — Redefining the evolution of electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand, EVLOMO and PTT Oil and Retail Business PLC (OR) launched their first DC fast charging station at PTT Station, in Ban Chang, Rayong which is a part of the Eastern Economic Corridor, Thailand.

EVLOMO is committed to green and sustainable initiatives. In its quest to take rapid strides for sustainable development, EVLOMO continues to embrace emerging technologies in the realm of electric vehicles, EV charging, solar, energy efficiency, and battery storage.

EVLOMO will install more than 1,000 new fast chargers to spur EV revolution in Thailand, and target to achieve DC charging availability every 50 km on their charging network. EVLOMO is also entering into residential EV charging space by introducing AC chargers and will install a mix of AC and DC fast chargers at various universities, schools, hospitals, and hotels, amongst other locations spread all over Thailand. In the coming weeks, EVLOMO also plans to finalize the launch of Pure EV stations across Thailand.

The Thai government has set ambitious goal for adoption of EVs in Thailand by 2035. Without adequate EV charging infrastructure, rollout of EVs at such a scale is not possible. EVLOMO if working to fill up the charging infrastructure gap by bringing in world class AC and DC charging technology to Thailand. EVLOMO believes that EVs are for everyone and the idea of plugging in an EV whenever and wherever it is parked is core to EVLOMO’s philosophy. 

Powered by state-of-the-art technology from Tritium, the market leader in DC charging whose current customers include ChargePoint, Ionity, Blink Charging, Proterra, Shell, among several more. These superfast DC chargers will be EV owners whose automobiles are compatible with the CCS and CHAdeMO charging standards.

“E-Mobility is an irreversible mega-trend and an imperative for addressing pollution and generating job opportunities in Thailand. Through our EV charging network we intend to develop a holistic e-mobility ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of EVs in Thailand. As part of this resolve, we have also started partnering organizations to set-up a network of e charging stations – both for the captive use and for our consumers,” said Nicole Wu, CEO of EVLOMO. “Further strengthening our commitment to Thailand, we aim to provide our customers with a robust charging ecosystem to promote the adoption of electric mobility. With a partner like PTT Oil and Retail Business PLC, a renowned major energy and retail industry, we are confident that we will together create unique synergies.”

About Tritium

Founded in 2001 by e-mobility pioneers, Tritium designs and manufactures proprietary technology to create the world’s most advanced and reliable DC fast chargers for electric vehicles.

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